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Storytime! I Died and Came Back! Do You Want To Hear The Full Story?



Welcome to my new blog: The TikTok Tea. If you've already subscribed to The TikTok Tea Times and read your first email from me, you'll know a bit of my story. If you haven't, you should do that now. But the story in this video is one I'd rather share on TikTok, live, so I can reply to your comments and let you know how it feels to go through something that hard and conquer it. 


I know you're going through things in your own life right now that you can't talk to people about, and that sucks. You sit in your room and ask Google how to cope, but unless you know what you're dealing with it's hard to know what to ask Google. One of the things that comes with age is working out the best questions to ask, not so much having all the answers. Nobody has all the answers, but we can all ask better questions. If you're live with me on TikTok, I can help you with those in real time. Would you like that?

What You Need To Do Next...

Although I have a STACK of experience in social media, as a pioneer of the space, a magazine columnist on social media culture for half a decade, and someone who has beta tested for everyone from Google to Twitter, I'm new to TikTok. So, I need two favours from you. Oh... British, by the way, so get used to favours having a 'u'. 

Favour 1: Follow me on TikTok (TheRebeccaBardess) and comment there and here so I can check out your stuff (and maybe feature you here and in the newsletter if you impress me) and get enough followers to go live and tell you the whole story... and... 

Favour 2: Leave your comments on the posts I make here so I can see how TikTok is making your life better or worse, and help you improve the good things and minimise the bad ones. (Again, we use 's' where you use 'z' in America quite often. If you fail your spelling tests, don't blame me!)

Keep grinning!



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