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Sam Andrews On Having Nearly 2 Million Followers on TikTok, The Emilies, And Big Time Fame


When I last interviewed Sam Andrews (@samueljeffersonandrews on TikTok), he was somewhere in the 800k area of followers on the app. He's now approaching 1.8 million, and the last few weeks have been epic, so we decided to chat again for the benefit of 'The Emilies' and... ultimately... humanity.

In this vid, you will discover:

  • What happened after Sam hit 1 million on TikTok and decided to do a 'meet and greet' for his fans
  • How he's building a business from TikTok with his new line of merch
  • Exciting developments relating to the Emily POV Series (I won't post spoilers here. You need to watch the video!)
  • A competition he's running to discover which of his fans is The Real Emily 

Leave comments under this post so he can see your feedback. He has so many followers at this point that this is your best chance of being seen. By all means, copy and paste your comment to TikTok as well. 

Let Sam know what his POV series has meant to you and what you love about him. 


Rebecca Bardess - Pourer of The TikTok Tea



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The TikTok Tea on Monetising The Web


At the time of writing, TikTok is up in arms about Charli D'Amelio monetising a meet and greet. Meanwhile, TikTok is an unprofitable platform that could go out of business in a heartbeat if it fails to become profitable.

  • The consumers of the content want everything for free, and will destroy reputations and the quality of life of creators to ensure they get that
  • The creators want to be able to pay the mounting bills that go with things like suddenly needing to hire security when you have a bunch of raving fans who don't respect your need for privacy
  • The app needs to make a profit, while serving consumers who want everything for free
  • The market can replace the app in a heartbeat if it fails to monetise
  • The consumers will blame the app if it fails

Who's right?

Podcaster, Jayson (Buzzfeed star of the Real Time with Jayson podcast) speaks to me about how we got to where we are online in this first part of his interview with me.  

Thanks in advance to everyone who leaves a reaction, comment or both below. 

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Sam Andrews Spills the Tea About Being TikTok Famous (Part One)


In this first part of my video interview with the legendary viral acting phenomenon Sam Andrews (@samueljeffersonandrews), we discuss:

  • What brought him to TikTok, and how  he became TikTok famous
  • Surprising facts about him that most people don't know
  • How TikTok affects people's egos
  • How he feels about confidence and success
  • Tips for healing from heartbreak
  • What to do if you aren't very popular, successful or confident yet

Please leave comments here and tell your friends about this post. Most people on TikTok don't see this side of Sam, because of the time constraints on the vids there, and he can't always see your comments on TikTok as he gets so many, so let him know in the comments how you feel about him now you know him better. 

Also, let me know who else you'd love to see/hear interviewed.

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P.S. Check out Sam’s merch here.

P.P.S. Here’s Sam’s YouTube channel

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