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The TikTok Tea on Monetising The Web


At the time of writing, TikTok is up in arms about Charli D'Amelio monetising a meet and greet. Meanwhile, TikTok is an unprofitable platform that could go out of business in a heartbeat if it fails to become profitable.

  • The consumers of the content want everything for free, and will destroy reputations and the quality of life of creators to ensure they get that
  • The creators want to be able to pay the mounting bills that go with things like suddenly needing to hire security when you have a bunch of raving fans who don't respect your need for privacy
  • The app needs to make a profit, while serving consumers who want everything for free
  • The market can replace the app in a heartbeat if it fails to monetise
  • The consumers will blame the app if it fails

Who's right?

Podcaster, Jayson (Buzzfeed star of the Real Time with Jayson podcast) speaks to me about how we got to where we are online in this first part of his interview with me.  

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